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Ignou Assignment result status
Written by Sumit Sharma

Ignou Assignment result of all the students is printed in the student’s grade card. Students submit the solved assignments for their respective courses before June and December examination.

The marks obtained by the students in the assignments are updated by the university after the declaration of result.These assignments are also known as Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA). It is necessary to obtain minimum passing marks in assignments to pass out any course.

These assignments are also known as Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA). It is necessary to obtain minimum passing marks in assignments to pass out any course.The assignments constitute 30% of total marks of any course. So, it’s necessary to pass out assignments as well.

Ignou Assignment Result:

After the declaration of Ignou result, the student’s should check out their grade card to know their assignment marks.The result is provided either in the form of letter grades such as “A, B, C, D, E” or in numeric marks depending on the programme and the related courses. The university updates the assignment marks in the grade card for both June and December examination.

At the time of declaration of term end exam result, the university updates only the theory marks in the result card.The Ignou assignment marks are not provided by the university along with it.

But the university compiles the complete result of a student in the form of grade card which contains the information of theory, assignment, and practical marks. Also, if any programme has project work, then its marks are also updated in the grade card.

Ignou Assignment Grade Card:

If the student checks their Ignou Assignment Grade Card, they will find the two statuses for their assignment submission i.e. ‘Completed’ or ‘Not completed’.If the assignment status is shown as ‘Not Completed’ in the grade card, then it means either the student has not submitted the assignment for the respective course or the university has received the assignment but it is in progress.

If the student has submitted the assignment for any course but the marks are not updated in the grade card, then he/she must check out their assignment Submission status.

There is one more reason that the student has got the status as “Not Completed” i.e. the student has got failed in the assignments. In this case, the student needs to submit the new assignment again to their study centre. This time the student should make sure that he/she write the correct answers.

The “Completed” status in the grade card against the course means the student is passed out in both assignment and theory exam for that particular course.

IGNOU Assignment Marks Calculation:

The another important aspect of grade card is to calculate the assignment marks correctly.Many students try to find out the correct method of calculating assignment marks on the internet. But we advise them to read out the Ignou Prospectus carefully to know about the calculation of assignment marks.

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