BSC Physics IGNOU Solved Assignments

IGNOU BSC Physics Solved Assignments 2019

Download Ignou BSC Physics Solved Assignments
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IGNOU BSC Physics Solved Assignments 2019

IGNOU BSC Physics solved assignments (PHE) constitutes 30% of total marks for any particular course.The students have to solve and submit the assignments for all the courses which required assignment submission work. The students have to complete 96 credits in total to complete the degree.

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The students have to submit the solved assignments for most of these courses. Every student has to submit one assignment for each of the course for which they have to appear in the upcoming examination. These are known as Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA).

IGNOU PHE Solved Assignments 2019

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Importance of submitting IGNOU BSC Physics Solved Assignments

The students have to submit the IGNOU BSC Physics solved assignments for first, second and third year courses. The solved assignments need to be submitted before submitting the term end examination form and the last date of assignment submission.It should be noted that the assignments have to be submitted to the concerned Ignou Study Centre only. Otherwise, it will not be accepted and marks will not be updated.

The BSC Physics assignments submitted by the students is assessed at the concerned study centre.They award the marks to the assignments and send the marks to the Student evaluation division to update it on the official website.So, the students must take this assignment task very seriously.

It is very important to attain good assignment marks by writing good answers.It will help the students in achieving the good percentage. To download IGNOU BSC Physics assignment question booklet, the students can visit the university official website.

IGNOU PHE Assignments 2019

To download IGNOU PHE assignments 2019 free of cost, students can click on the links mentioned below. We have provided course wise links to download assignment questions of different courses of B.Sc. Physics (PHE) programme.

We have mentioned below the list of available assignments for first, second and third-year elective courses.

IGNOU PHE 1 Assignment Free Download

  • Course Name: PHE-01/BPHE-101 Elementary Mechanics
  • Download Assignment: Click here

IGNOU PHE 2 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 4 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 5 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 6 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 7 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 9 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 10 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 11 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 13 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 14 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 15 Assignment Free Download

IGNOU PHE 16 Assignment Free Download

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