Crack PTE Academic in a Week

how to crack pte academic test in a week
Written by Sumit Sharma

How to Crack PTE Academic in a Week?

PTE Academic by Pearson is the number 1 exam of English proficiency used for Australian and New Zealand visas. Due to the popularity of the exam, a number of coaching institutes have popped up. However, it is possible to crack PTE in just a week. Our tips are based on the vast teaching experience of Alice Smith and her team at Sure Way English, a leading provider of online PTE Academic courses.

To get a top class score in PTE Academic in just week, is possible, but for most of us it is better to diligently spend a month or two on the preparation. However, if you are still game, then we have some ideas for you to beat this automated exam and come on tops.

Tips to Crack PTE Academic Test

The first week is all about understanding how the exam is structured. So you need to cover the following topics in the first day:

1. PTE Exam format – Understand how many sections there are in the exam and the question types under each section are. You should become comfortable with using the microphone to record yourself and typing to write your response.

2. Timing – This is of vital importance. You must spend some time becoming clear on how much time is given to you for a whole section. Further drill down and understand the time you should spend on each question type. Time is precious and in PTE time literally means marks.

3. Scoring pattern – Marks in each question type in PTE are based on several patterns. You must understand each and every pattern. After all unless you understand how your answers are judged, you won’t know what to work upon. Some scoring parameters you will find very easy, but others you will find quite difficult. So, work on the ones which are difficult for you to.

The next three days are all about practice. You need to attempt many different questions form each question type and see how well you do.

1. Repeat sentence, read aloud, describe image, lectures and answer short questions from the speaking section. Do at least 50 questions from each type.

2. Write essay and summarize text from the writing section. Do at least 10 questions from each type.

3. Multiple choice, Fill in the blanks and reorder paragraph questions from the reading section. Try to do at least 25 questions from each type. The more you practice the more you will benefit in the long term.

4. Multiple choice, Fill in the blanks, summarize spoken text, highlight incorrect words, highlight correct summary and write from dictation from the listening section. For this you must do at least 50 questions each.

In total this means every day you must spend at least 5 hours practicing.

The last 3 days of your week are for taking a stock of your preparation and filling the gaps. Do these things in the last three days.

1. Understand the question types where you score less and get help of a tutor to iron out the problems in those areas.

2. Take a scored mock test from a reputed site and see how well you are placed for the real PTE academic.

3. Review each and every question type again.

A tight schedule isn’t it? But you need to do this to get 79 plus in PTE Academic in just one week.

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